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Advertising Opportunities

Grow your business with targeted cable TV marketing. It's the affordable way to attract new customers, and remind the regulars why they chose you in the first place. For more details, choose your location:

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Advertising on Cable TV

USA Communications Advertising offers commercial breaks in all the hottest TV brands in America today. From high profile sports to news, music and home improvement... Local cable advertising delivers your customers to your door. It's targeted advertising at its best.

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Weather Crawl

USA Communications manages the advertising messages that are displayed on the crawl during Local on the 8s. You have the opportunity to buy local advertising slots or air local community type announcements. Advertisers get 280 characters of text (including spacing and punctuation) during every minute ending with "8," which runs during the Weather Channel's six-times-an-hour local forecast - Local on the 8's - 24 hours daily.

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